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I was born in Durham, NC in 1940.

My mother and father were from Winston Salem, NC.

My dad moved to Durham in order to start a business of his own as a sandwich company. My mother and my dad both made sandwiches in our home and wrapped them, and then delivered them by truck to various stores and gasoilne stations.

The name he decided for the company was Royal Sandwich and Food Company and his slogan for his product was "Fresh as a Daisy" which was printed on the label of each sandwich distributed.

The company grew and my dad then decided to start a bakery along with the sandwich shop.

I started working with my dad when I was in the 3rd grade in school. Every afternoon I would walk from school (which was only a block) to the shop and fold boxes that pies were to go into when distributed. I continued with the company until 1965 when my dad passed away.

The company was then sold to a competitor and I went to work with them. I stayed there for a year or two, and then that company closed.

I then went to work for a vending company and worked many different jobs there. (vending route, mobile catering supervisor, warehouse supervisor, preventive loss, and money room operator).

I left the vending company after 10 years and went to work for Winn Dixie grocery stores as I moved from Durham, to Long Beach, NC. I only stayed with Winn Dixie a short time and then went to work for CP&L (which is now Duke Energy-Progress) at the Brunsick Nuclear plant in Southport.
I worked in materials control and did many different jobs there such as inventory control, issuing parts and tools, and receiving.

I left CP&L in 1996 on disability as a result of a back injury and two back surgeries. I officially retired in 2005 from the company.

I lived in Long Beach from 1977 until 1989 when I met my wife, Marsha. We married in December and I moved to Wilmington, and have been here since then.

I have a Son, Greg, who lives in Henderson, NC

I also have two stepchildren, Alan and Jennifer, along with 4 grand children. Maddux, Regan, Ella and Jude.

In March of 1988 the most important thing ever in my life happened with me.

As a result of the Holy Spirit prompting me for years and years before, I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and was saved from a devil's hell.

My life previous to that was filled with much sin and I was a very bad person, doing many many bad things and decisions. (Let me make a note here....if I had been a very good person and had not done bad things, had I not accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I would still be destined to hell when I die.
Many people think by being good or doing good things, that God will allow them to go to Heaven and this is not true according to the Bible)

The very instant I decided to follow Jesus, I started witnessing to others what had happened and my life made a 180 degree change. I praise God and thank Him for saving me and I will follow Him the rest of my life and continue to tell others about Him.

If anyone reading this has any questions about how to be saved or wants to ask me any questions, I am available at


I used to be an avid amateur radio operator (Ham) and enjoyed that for many years. As computers and the internet became popular, I lost interest in radio and became more interested in weather observing and purchased a weather station for my backyard that is capable of connecting with my computer and then sending the info to my weather website which can be seen or used by anyone with internet connection. I now maintain the weather website and there are several links there that can be of use such as tropical weather forecasts, tropical radar, local radar, and any state a person is interested in  for obtaining local information from them.

I also enjoyed very much bowling in a league with my wife. We would meet and bowl at Cardinal Lanes once a week and had a team that was named "Rolling Thunder"

I had to quit bowling though because of my back problems.

Other hobbies consist of playing chess via the internet with people all over the world. In doing so, I have made friends with opponnets that have continued other chess games, some of which have extended for many years now.

I also like to play "Words with Friends" occasionally with Marsha, and other opponents on the internet.

We are members of Northside Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC

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