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The main purpose of this website is to let you know a little about us, our hobbies, our faith, our family, and most of all how to be saved.

First of all we will mention about being saved, and on the following numbered pages listed at the top, there will be some more info about us. Thanks for reading and I hope you will find it helpful.

"Being saved" means being saved from what we deserve after we die, which is eternal life in hell separated from God for eternity.

After we die, our bodies decay, but our souls live on for eternity. This eternal life will be either in Heaven or in hell.  If we are not saved, then our souls will be in hell.

This is because of the sins of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden which has been brought down through all generations.

We are all born in sin, and God being Holy, cannot allow sin to be brought to heaven. Heaven is a perfect place, and if any sin were allowed there, it would contaminate it and all its holliness would not remain pure.

God has a plan of salvation that allows us to be ridden of that sin that will keep us from being in Heaven with Him after we die.

Some think that being good will allow us to go to heaven, but that is not possible because of our sin nature that we were born with.

So, we have a link here on this page that explains the plan of salvation. Please click on it to be taken to the page.

It is our hope that the person visiting this website will read the plan of salvation and heed its words.

If you have any questions at all, we will be more than happy to try and answer them for you.

Please see our following numbered pages above for more info about us. Thanks!

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